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The whole world is talking about eSports betting being the next big thing, but no one really comes out of the kink when it comes to explaining things. With we want to try to bring some light into the darkness, because eSports are passion.


The most important question for eSports betting: where to bet on eSports? Which bookmakers are covered by the most important tournaments, which is a specialist in eSports betting CS: GO? Where should League of Legends experts place bets? First of all, we collected the best eSports providers in our bookmaker department, examined them more closely and – most importantly – also rated them, so that you know.

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Please be patient if some features of the site are not yet available. However, our goal is to handle League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Dota 2 and, of course, eSports Betting CS: GO. Since we play primarily Counter Strike, the focus will initially be on this, but the other games are successively submitted later. It is also planned to record Hearthstone and (in the longer term) Minecraft and FIFA. But first we’re going for pure popularity – the game with the most offered eSports bets comes first, the rest follows bit by bit.


Esports bookmakers are divided roughly into four sections at the moment. Here we go into detail about the individual subspecies:


These are well-known online bookmakers who have just added the most popular events to their offer and now more than pretty much cover (mostly “just” the classic outright win). Often handicap bets can be found in the markets again, if the level of the teams is not really comparable. At LoL, for example, there are bets on the first dragon killed and the First Blood team. At any rate, you realize that the possibilities are manifold.


Some brand-new providers are also scratching their hooves, but they still often struggle with teething problems and have yet to prove their seriousness. One of these new specialty bookmakers, for example, is ESportGaming.

In-game items: These are pages that are scored for items, such as weapon skins. Real money is not involved here. An example of such a site is csgolounge.

Daily Fantasy Sports: A potential trend that could spill from the US to Europe once the necessary licenses are issued. The players set up a fantasy team and compete against each other. The results are based on the results in the real world. Draftkings and Fanduel are the most famous examples.


The bookmakers divide eSports bets into two areas:

The classic win bet: You know this form of betting, for example, from football. Here it is determined before the beginning, who wins the game at the end.

Handicap or spread bets: A form of bet in which one of the two teams is handicapped prior to the start. This means that the team you bet on will have to win by a certain margin so that the handicap passes. This form of betting originated in football and baseball betting and is used to maintain reasonable odds even when one of the teams is heavily favored.

In certain games and events you can also find special betting markets.


We want to deal quickly with the obligatory question of definition: eSports are multiplayer games that are played on a professional level. The exponential growth of the genre has several causes:

  • the Internet bandwidths are getting bigger and bigger – with this new streaming possibilities open up (best example:
  • Cloud computing is becoming more mature and leads to new features
  • some games have been unbelievably successful (LoL, Dota2, CS: GO)
  • the prize money grows to unprecedented heights (among others by well-known sponsors).

Meanwhile, the interest of young and computer-savvy people is growing enormously. To illustrate this: In 2000, only 10 tournaments were played worldwide, ten years later, there were already 260. In 2013, Dota 2 came on the market and not two years later reached a Dota2 tournament prize money of 18 million (!) Dollars. All final rounds are now filling stadiums and the players are superstars.

Almost all professional players come from the USA, followed by South Korea, China, Germany and Sweden. The target group in turn recruits over 60% from 18-34 year olds. In 2015, around 200 million people watched eSports events live. It is high time, therefore, to devote more serious attention to the topic, especially as the bookmakers are recording increasing eSports bets.

For some (especially Scandinavian) bookmakers, eSports has made it into the top 10 most popular sports within a very short time. Some analysts of the betting market assume that in terms of the number of bets placed even King football will be replaced in the medium term. We dare to doubt that, but it’s worth taking a closer look at what’s possible right now.

EVENTS 2018 & 2019

The eSport Games calendar features big events throughout the year that are well worth a visit. From Leipzig to London to Vancouver, it pokes its finger on the keys, because it’s all about prize money in the millions. Check out the best eSports betting events coming up soon and get ready. The ESL 2015 in Cologne was the previous CS: GO highlight in Germany with over 10,000 spectators on site and well over 1 million views at Twitch. Ascending trend!


There will also be a forum soon to share eSports. The goal is a kind of free point of contact for eSports Betting Tips, but until that happens, we still have some work to do. As you can see, we have some plans to become the first eSports address in the web.