eSport guide 2019

With us you will find for each event a selection of the best providers for eSports betting. With our quota overview you can always see the games starting soon, with the game icons you can customize the list as you like. With a click on the odds you will come directly to the bookmaker. In the menu you will find the most important eSports titles including explanation as well as current and past events


As an eSports generally referred to video games that are played in professional competitions between two or more players. The largest eSport titles are characterized by high balance and controlled processes. This does not mean that they lack complexity, but they are subject to certain rules – for example, a fixed target. Almost every professional game can only be won in one way. For LoL and Dota 2 it is the destruction of the enemy main building, at Counter-Strike a team has to win 16 rounds. Even the most complex strategies emerge within a fixed framework. In addition, in eSports, chance plays virtually no role, everything on the cards is fixed and can not be influenced by players. Random factors come from the game itself and are also subject to certain rules. A good example would be the Roshan Respawn-Time in Dota 2. The strongest neutral creep of the game can return after 8 to 11 minutes and then unfortunate timing can sometimes upset a team. In CS: GO, there are no such RNG’s (random number generator), everything on the cards is static. Maybe that’s why it’s the game where most bets are placed.

Currently, eSports are more popular than ever, with League of Legends leading with more than 100 million active players. Most viewers can reach Riot Games at the last LoL World Championship. The grand finale was watched by some 43 million viewers, with 14.7 million watching at the same time. Wherever the number of viewers is so rapidly increasing and the fan base is growing, there is also interest in speculating about possible results. On many pages you can bet on eSports for over 10 years, but only with virtual items or points as an insert. The first step towards real money bets was made by Pinnacle eSports in February 2010. The very first eSport bet was placed on a Starcraft 2 match at Pinnacle. Since then, the eSport betting market has been growing steadily, with more bookmakers adding eSports betting to the program, and the offer is constantly being expanded.


To qualify for eSports in the first place, a computer game must first meet some conditions. It has to be exciting to watch, needs a large fanbase and most important, of course, is a certain balance to make a fair competition even possible. Many game manufacturers try to enter the eSports market with their games by organizing tournaments and broadcasting them via various channels. Mostly, a tempting prize money will be awarded to help the emergence of a professional scene a little. For many of the games, it has not been a breakthrough, we are dealing with the biggest eSport titles, for the most bets are offered. Since the middle of the year 2018, there are also bets on Fortnite, the Battle Royale game is incredibly popular.

For the most part bookmakers offer you:

  • League of Legends bets
  • Dota 2 bets
  • Counter Strike: GO bets
  • Hearthstone bets
  • Overwatch bets
  • Rocket League bets

In addition to the eSports classics such as League of Legends, Starcraft, Dota or Counter-Strike, new games have already been established. Overwatch, the new draft horse of Blizzard, has a large fan following, the first season of Blizzard itself organized Overwatch League was well received. But other titles like the Autoball game Rocket League or the new shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds bring masses of players in front of the console or PC. Epic Games newest creation, Fortnite, has made an explosive start, the competitive scene of the game is already in the making.

In addition to the standard 1X2 bet, many bookmakers still have a large variety of special bets in the program. The bet365 eSports section is a good bet for as many betting options as possible and betway eSports also offers very unusual odds (e.g. eSports to be part of Winter Olympics 2030). A big variation of the betting markets is especially important if the outcome of a game is very obvious and you do not want to bet on the favorite at odds of 1.03 not on the outsider. The most common eSports betting markets are:

  • Turnierisieger
  • card winners
  • Handicap
  • Number of rounds (over / under)
  • Number of kills (over / under)
  • First Blood (who makes the first kill)
  • First to 10 kills
  • Winner of the pistol round
  • Team wins at least one card.


Odds advantage: Most of the bookies are still inexperienced in this area, which often results in above-average odds on favorites.

Bonuses: Many bookmakers are new to eSports sports betting and therefore offer a high betting bonus or free bets on eSports.

Discover new betting opportunities: The versatile range of special bets (handicap, tournament winners, first kill, 10 kills, card winners, number of kills, etc.) makes eSports betting an entertaining change.

Stability: unlike in ordinary sports, luck plays only a marginal role. For example, in football, a curious own goal can make for unpleasant betting surprises, but in eSports count the strategies and abilities of the players and their team spirit. That does not mean that sometimes even an underdog can not win a game.

Speaking of watching: You are not dependent on footage, radio or TV broadcasts. You can follow every game online in free live streams. Is the twitch stream jerky? Try Youtube or Youtube-Gaming.

Multiples Betting odds on favorites are higher on eSports than on other sports. So you can already achieve low profits, good profits.

Bridge Seasonal Breaks: There is currently no interesting game to bet on, then check out the eSports section. Often eSport events take place exactly when other sports are currently on hold. One of the biggest eSport events (The International), e.g. takes place every year in August.

Massive odds differences: The fact that the eSport betting market is very young and most bookmakers have recently entered, there are sometimes huge differences in quotas between the providers. Register with several bookmakers and use the high odds to your advantage!

Expand your horizons: A future betting market without eSports is unimaginable. The rapid growth guarantees that eSports become a fixed part of sports betting. Immerse yourself in the world of eSports betting and grow!


Once you understand the rules of a game, eSports matches are very exciting and attractive to the viewer. In addition, one can learn from the pros one or the other, if you might even want to try yourself in eSports. Many of the games can be downloaded and played for free via game clients. Once you become familiar with the game, the fascination begins. In one or the other game you just pass the heart attack.


Legally, eSport betting is no different than regular sports betting on the internet. Bookmakers get their licenses through regulators and are allowed to offer their odds online. So if sports betting is not banned locally, then eSport betting is also legal – if you are at least 18 years old, of course.

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Most bookies are moving to new territory here, which sometimes results in very high odds ratios and massive odds ratios between the bookmakers. This can happen because in the eSport area expert opinions very often diverge and bookmakers do not buy quotas centrally, but create them manually with the help of experts. eSport Insiders can take advantage of this and, with a little research, can sometimes place guaranteed lossless bets. In any case, it pays to register with several bookmakers and watch the odds well.


It is striking that in the past 2-3 years, the number of tournaments has moved up sharply. For more and more organizations, organizing eSport events is becoming a lucrative business. There are now tournaments throughout the year that you can follow online. This trend is pleasing and disturbing at the same time. On the plus side, there is always entertainment, teams are getting more and more opportunities to win prizes, and we can place bets around the year.

Somewhat more negative is that many forget about possible overload of the players. Both organizers and eSports associations want to see the teams play and earn something. If the situation evolves and players “have to” compete through tournaments, the most important thing may end up being lost – fun. Wanted or not, VALVE counters this. With the extremely high prize money on Dota 2 tournaments, the game maker allows the top teams to focus on the big events. Sure, if you win a tight million dollars at The International in midfield, then you can do without one or another $ 100,000 tournament. This may open up a tournament place for not so strong teams.


With increasing interest in eSports and steadily growing numbers of players, new fields of activity are opening up within the scene. In addition to the obvious players, there are always new organizations that host eSport tournaments. At each event, a corresponding team of commentators, analysts, interviewers and moderators will be present. Not to forget that behind all the big teams there are whole eSport associations and coaches. Away from the big stage, there are still many more jobs that result from the growth of eSports. Numerous pages report journalists and report on teams, games and tournaments.

Creative minds have created their own markets. For example, some semi-professionals offer MMR boost services. This means they play accounts from less good players to higher levels and demand money for them. That would be as if Lionel Messi against pay a second division play in the Bundesliga and then leave him alone. Other pros have a better approach and offer coaching to make weaker players better. These coaching sessions include replay analysis and live coaching, during which the professional sees and comments on the student’s play. Together, a whole industry has emerged that can compete in terms of sales and viewership with just about every top athlete.