Bet365 and eSport – it just fits together. The British bookie boasts a large section of various games and has an amazing number of eSports betting markets on offer. Our eSports professional Bernhard has taken a close look at the bet365 eSports program and shows you what to expect when you choose bet365 for eSports bets.

We found the eSports section at Bet365 relatively fast in our test *. Classified are the eSport bets by game, tournament and bet types. What immediately stands out is the huge variety of betting opportunities, especially for larger eSport events. Only when one clicks on the desired way to bet, one comes to the individual meetings and quotas. At the same time, you can only display odds for a specific tournament in a single betting opportunity. In this area, Bet365 can improve one or the other, so you have odds for different bet types and tournaments at the same time on the screen and can compare them with each other. It is positive that this sorting ensures order and counteracts any confusion.


Of all the eSport bookmakers we’ve come across in our numerous tests, Bet365 is among those with the widest variety of bets. Although the odds comparison of different betting options is a bit confusing, Bet365 is one of the most interesting bookmakers for eSport betting. The considerable variation in betting opportunities leaves you with few options that you can not bet on. These different betting markets can also be optimally combined with the eSport Live betting. So you can either get more out of your pre-game bet for you, or get your bet back with the counter bet.

In our test we have seen the following betting markets for larger eSport tournaments:

  • Overall winner
  • Handicap
  • Match winner
  • Team with Firstblood
  • Team destroyed first tower
  • Team destroys first barracks / inhibitor
  • Team gets the first 10/15/20 kills
  • Accurate score
  • Win at least one card

The game offer is always dependent on the current eSports leagues and tournaments, as the site is dynamically constructed via quota feeds. Some of the games are almost always interesting events at the start, others are currently seen a bit less. In any case, the game manufacturers are trying hard to make their games suitable for eSports and to keep up with the big eSport titles. The most popular titles for eSports and sports betting are:

  • League of Legends bets
  • Dota 2 bets
  • CS: GO bets
  • Hearthstone bets
  • Starcraft 2 bets
  • Rocket League bets


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Bet365 has many more eSport odds compared to other providers. Bet365 eSports offers very attractive betting odds, especially on the favored team. This makes it even easier for you to get your bonus amount paid because favorite odds often exceed the required minimum odds.


Of course we tested the Bet365 payout ourselves. After the verification of our documents, we decided to pay by bank transfer. This was straightforward and very reliable and lasted between 2 and 5 working days (probably depends on how many payments are to be processed in total). One of our test payouts via Skrill lasted only 24 hours.

Games offer

Bet365 offers you bets on the biggest eSports games and hardly missed anything. At any rate, it is clear that the bookmaker is consistently involved in the eSports betting markets and will always be up to date in this area. Bet365 has done everything right with the various betting options, only a few bookies can compete with the diverse eSport betting markets of the British. Bet365 seems to be trying very hard to provide a variety of special quotas.


The British bookmaker does not have to hide its eSport quotas. In our test, there were very profitable odds, especially on Favorite, although that happens a bit at the expense of the other odds. However, we see that rather positively, because in eSport usually the better team also wins. Statements like “well, the ball is round” and “deserved to win!” Are not available in eSports – the better team wins.

Disbursement conditions

The bonus terms can be found directly on the website of Bet365. These can change, so you should always check the conditions directly with the bookmaker.


We find it very positive that the website has a perfect order on eSports bets, all the clicks are very intuitive and the eSports section is just as easy to find as any other sportsbook. Somewhat unfavorable, however, is that you can only look at odds for one tournament and one bet type at the same time. Thus, the comparison between odds of standard bets and special bets is a bit difficult. Otherwise there is nothing to complain about.

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